Welcome to SecretariuS Ltd

SecretariuS provides an efficient, professional and prompt company secretary service using ICSA Blueprint computer-based systems and many years experience.

Our objective is to free up Company Directors to concentrate on developing the business, without worry that the many company statutory requirements are being correctly fulfilled.

The Director's Liability

Company Directors concentrate on developing their business. Most are unaware of their vulnerability to fines, prosecution or, in some cases, the seizure of their company by the Crown. It is no defence in law to blame the accountant or the book-keeper. Failure to comply with the requirements of the Companies Act is something which all the Directors are personally liable.

The Company's Liability

Every company must, by law, have a company Secretary. The Directors need to have a Company Secretary capable of:

  • Maintaining the statutory registers
  • Ensuring prompt filling of all statutory forms
  • Giving members and auditors formal notice of meetings
  • Sending Registrar copies of resolutions under Section 380
  • Taking responsibility for Board and other formal meetings
  • Ensuring entitled access to company records